Companies & Government

Blue Pencil helps executives, managers, professionals, and their teams get better results from internal and external communications.

Blue Pencil consults on systemic written-communications challenges.  We also provide workshops and individual coaching.  Over the past 25 years, we have served companies, from Fortune-500 corporations to owner-operated businesses, and government, from the U.S. Attorney's Office to the IRS, DOJ, federal judges, and IRS.

Learning from others' mistakes can cost a lot less than learning from your own.  Blue Pencil offers help with
o  annual reports and other investor-relations documents
o  marketing materials
o  routine departmental communications
o  key speeches
o  manuals
o  streamlining departmental writing and editing processes
o  planning and carrying out high-stakes negotiations
o  increasing productivity in e-mail communications
o  handling crises with partners, investors, suppliers, and clients

"Your coaching helped me clarify my message.  It's as though you reached inside my brain and extracted what I really wanted to say."

"The ideas are terrific."

"[Y]ou presented opportunities for improving the technical and persuasive elements of our written sales communication ... and the staff was inspired to implement your ideas."

"Nice job customizing your comments to our business."

"Since participating in the workshop, I ... am observing quicker response times to my inquiries and less confusion...."
"What an excellent course."

"The members of my team whom you instructed showed dramatic improvements the very next week."

"Very concise & informative."

"All the hours of research and preparation turned into a program that couldn't have been more on the mark."

"Very well organized and presented topic, very useful."