Blue Pencil helps partners and associates work more profitably in the thinking-writing-editing loop.  ​​

Over the past 25 years, Blue Pencil's principals, lawyers themselves, have shown firms around the country how to get better results from key documents.

Blue Pencil works with transactional lawyers, litigators, lawyers from hybrid practices, summer associates, and judges.

"This was really useful -- I wish I'd had these guys in law school."

New York 
"Your editing system has made my life easier."

"I would recommend that all partners attend this seminar."

"I appreciate the role of the 'X-Ray', and I think it will be a good tool to make my 
editing both more efficient and more helpful to the junior lawyer."
Los Angeles
"Very helpful ... excellent teacher."

"We do not believe that we have been particularly effective in our attempt at in-house training sessions on writing and analysis and have been unable to find really good out-of-office seminars on these subject matters (even at significant cost).  Your ability to effectively teach these skills for use by lawyers in the law firm setting truly fills a niche.  We look forward to a continuing relationship with each of you and Blue Pencil."